Hear, Here Arboretum developed from an experiential learning oral history course run by Dr. Kim Martin of the Department of History at the University of Guelph in 2022.

The goal of Hear, Here is to share the diverse stories and voices of people who visit the Arboretum. We seek out stories from historically underrepresented people to help us understand the significance of this greenspace to its community, from the long-term inhabitants of Guelph to those students, faculty, and researchers involved in the University.

We at Hear, Here hope that citizens of Guelph and University of Guelph community will see the stories as an opportunity for education, growth, and change.


The stories included in Hear, Here are from longer interviews with our participants and have been edited for time. The full interviews, as well as transcripts and photos are available on the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC), an open-access online repository that houses scholarly materials for digital research projects, like Hear, Here. Click here to visit CWRC and access these materials from our project page.