Hear, Here Poetry Contest Winners 2017:

First prize:  David Krump, “Ophelia Soft.”

Second prize: Kyle Constalie, “Into Collision.”

Third prize (tie): Susan Houlihan, “River Walk” and Tegan Daly, “Trauma Center.”

Honorable mentions: Mai Chao, “Two Rivers” and Gene Falkenberg, “Untitled (Back in 1966).”

The Hear, Here Poetry Contest concluded June 10, 2017 at Artspire with open-air readings by the poets.  The poems are now available for listening on our website and on the streets, and are also accessible for reading in Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review, Vol. 20.We received nearly fifty submissions, including many exemplary poems and fascinating histories of the La Crosse area. The winners of the contest expressed themes related to death, illness, and tragedy, while at the same time conveying beauty, hope, and the strength of the human spirit; stories which are powerfully emotional and thought-provoking; such stories inspire us to think deeply about our shared humanity, and the places we share with one another. Thank you to all of the writers who submitted such energized and interesting poems. We’ve been delighted by the outpouring of stories and interest.